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Assisting the ITPM community to become consistent retail traders!

ITPM Discord
ITPM Discord
ITPM Discord
ITPM Discord
ITPM Discord
ITPM Discord
ITPM Discord
ITPM Discord
ITPM Discord


The Discord servers provided by ITPM enable students to interact with the ITPM team and engage with the broader ITPM community. ITPM has established the Study Hall and Society Discord Channels to enhance students' trading skills and bridge the gap between the theoretical knowledge gained from ITPM Online Educational Programs and its practical application.


Community Members within the Study Hall & Society discord channels.  Contributing to Online Program learning, trade ideas, leading indicators and general discussions around financial markets. The community has continued to grow since the discord servers inception.


Access to all mentors at The Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management (ITPM). Mentors are providing additional up to date  information on financial markets, clarification on Online Program topics and guidance to students queries.


ITPM data is systematically posted within the Study Hall and Society discord channels. The data provided is updated from the downloads within the online video series, as well as other key leading indicators, surveys, COT reports etc.


ITPM Mentors provide monthly online webinars through StudyHall@ITPM and weekly online webinars to Society@ITPM members. These webinars discuss topics that are at an advanced level beyond the Online Education Programs  available at ITPM.

ITPM Discord



ITPM Study Hall Discord Channel

The Study Hall discord channel is available for students that are completing an Online Educational Program with ITPM and those that have completed an Online Program and are Alumni of ITPM. There are a lot of features within this discord channel that help retail traders go from learning to implementation.

ITPM Study Hall

ITPM Society Discord Channel

The ITPM Society discord channel is for students that have completed the Online Programs and have also  completed a mentoring programme. It is considered the gold standard trading community at ITPM as it encompasses students that are of a higher competency in their understanding and implementation of the trading education.



The Institute of Trading and Portfolio offers retail traders 4 different Online Programs. These are the IPLT, PTM 2.0, POTM and the PFTM. The Online Programs at ITPM have been created in a systematic order so that retail traders can improve their education of financial markets progressively overtime. This system has helped educate thousands of students to date and is considered to be the best trading education available online.

ITPM Best Trading Education

Introduction to Professional Level Trading (IPLT)

The IPLT Video Series is the perfect introduction into how professional traders strategize in order to take advantage of U.S. Stock Market volatility utilizing the methods of Long / Short Portfolio Management. This course is ideal for all retail traders globally that are seeking a more professional approach and consistent profitability in their trading accounts.


Professional Trading Masterclass (PTM 2.0) Video Series

The PTM Video Series 2.0 is the follow up program to the PTM 1.0 Video Series that was launched in 2013 and delisted in March 2021. The program has been updated and remastered. The course content has doubled in size. The PTM is the core Educational Program at ITPM focusing on a full Professional Trader systematic process in the U.S. Stock Market. The PTM Video Series is by far the most comprehensive trading program on the market available to retail traders globally.


Professional Options Trading Masterclass (POTM)

The POTM Video Series is the perfect accompaniment to the IPLT Video Series and the PTM 2.0 Video Series. Once you understand volatility, trade idea generation and risk management, learning how to structure trade ideas and a Long Short Portfolio utilizing options will provide you with further edge in the market.


Professional FOREX Trading Masterclass (PFTM)

For serious retail traders that want to further expand their knowledge of applied macroeconomics, the PFTM Video Series is heavy with a fundamental data driven professional trader level approach that can add big returns to your portfolio over time. Using the Pro’ Trader approach, FOREX positioning is not frequent, perhaps once or twice a year. However, this approach can provide outsized returns if you know how to apply it properly.


As an already advanced trader taking the PTM, the course was absolutely perfect and crucial for my future trading career. There are multiple Eureka moments during the course and everything just fell into place. In practice I am also much more profitable than I used to be. I am up 36% in just under 4 months since taking the course and applying it. Totally recommend it!

ITPM Student



I bought the PFTM 12 Month course and finished it with a 96 score. I’m very happy with the concepts Anton presented. He taught everything very clearly with great examples that will stick in my mind forever. If you are eager to learn a sensible trading strategy backed by statistics and results, Anton is your guy. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge with us.

ITPM Student


Amsterdam, Netherlands

I just finished the course and wanted to say that I’m very happy with it and have learnt many new concepts and theories about the financial markets that would have otherwise taken me years to figure out.

ITPM Student



The PTM has literally changed my life! This time last year I was working construction in Australia and trading/learning in the evenings, generally trading price action indicators. Large profits would be followed by large losses. I purchased the PTM 12 months’ access course and studied every evening for 2-3 months achieving 90%. Having no background in economics, I found the material very well explained and easy to follow. Since then I have left my previous employer and had the opportunity to move to Singapore and move into the financial industry. Best money I ever spent! I just wish I had known this knowledge ten years ago.

ITPM Student



If it is true that “the perfect trade requires no effort” then it must also follow that a student’s “bold design and constant practice”, must be the order of the day. As a professional musician seeking superior teaching in the ‘dark art’ of trading, Anton Kreil’s Professional Trading Masterclass, for me, provides a clear and super-informed choice. Anton’s teaching style is intensely focused; he answers students’ questions with a depth and breadth of experience that I have not seen before. There is no “market for beginners”. Put off? No. For by the same token, the more unexpected your background, the more potentially innovative your perspective will be. Like music, money doesn’t care who you are. So, if you really do want to become “the Gate-Keeper to your own Capital”, you might want to make the most of this course.

ITPM Student


United Kingdom

I want to thank you for the PFTM course. Quite frankly words don’t do it justice. This course really is a 10/10. It gives you everything you need to start trading; Strong Fundamental approach, Technicals, Risk Management, etc. I have taken two free courses prior, which only addressed Technical Analysis, and the Fundamentals were to basically look at the economic calendar, and also “youtuber traders” = All total nonsense.

ITPM Student



Throw out your pop books on charting and technical rules and learn how the professionals do it; this course transformed the way I trade. Using real examples, Anton proved that a lot of what I thought I knew from “how to trade” books was hopelessly off the mark and, instead he taught me a disciplined, repeatable process that I now use to generate fundamentally driven opportunities and translate them into properly risk managed trades.

ITPM Student



I am currently working in the hedge fund administration industry and I have great exposure to what hedge funds do as I manage the operational side of a big long short equity fund. The information I have learned so far is very valuable and worth every penny. I would recommend this course for anyone who is really serious about learning how to trade, because the material is not simplistic like so many other courses. It definitely needs time to practice before you become good at it. Thank you so much for putting this course together.

ITPM Student


London, United Kingdom

I’m a Downhill mountain bike racer and Business student at university. I bought the course in May. I’m amazed by the amount of information that there is in the videos and the downloads are amazing. It’s easy to understand and very straight forward. It’s worth the money, best education I’ve had.

ITPM Student



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itpm is the best tradingcommunity

“Wherever you are on your journey, you are very much part of the ITPM community, which is without a doubt the best community for retail traders to empower themselves”. Edward Shek

ITPM Discord
ITPM Discord
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