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ITPM Study Hall

ITPM Study Hall
ITPM Discord

"Best thing to be introducedto ITPM since theProfessional Trading Masterclass Series"

What is the StudyHall@ITPM Discord Channel?

The purpose of the StudyHall@ITPM discord channel is to provide support to online students whilst they are taking their online programs and ongoing support to alumni after they have graduated from their online programs.

It is a forum where online alumni can:

  • Study

  • Ask questions to ITPM mentors

  • Ask questions to the wider community

  • Share resources

  • Interact on current financial markets and events.

ITPM Study Hall

Why is StudyHall@ITPM a valuable resource?

StudyHall@ITPM is considered a valuable resource to retail traders at ITPM as everything is archived and assessible. This means that student have an on demand interactive platform where they can assist themselves to improve their learning and implementation of the learning materials as they see fit.

Whats included in the StudyHall@ITPM?

Chris Quill explains how students are able to use StudyHall@ITPM

Why was StudyHall@ITPM created?

StudyHall@ITPM was created by Anton Kreil at ITPM as a bridging tool for students between theory and implementation. It is a tool that will help students achieve and maintain their profitability at a goal of over 25% per annum.


The Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management (ITPM) expects to add significant value to all ITPM alumni studients via StudyHall@ITPM on a continual basis.

The Institute continues its mission to build the most educated, profitable and well capitalized community of retail traders globally.

ITPM education
ITPM systematic approach
ITPM education
ITPM systematic approach

What is the additional content
I will get with StudyHall@ITPM?

What channels are on StudyHall@ITPM

Study Hall
ITPM Study Hall

Alumni Webinar Archive

The Alumni Webinar Archive is an amazing set of videos that have been recorded from previous presentations from ITPM. The archive back dates to 2020 and has presentations from the ITPM mentors including:

  • Anton Kreil

  • Edward Shek

  • Anthony Iser

  • Raj Malhotra

  • Jason Mcdonald

  • Ben Berggreen 

  • Ross Williams

Anton Kreil





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