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What is ITPM?

The Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management stands out as the premier global provider of education in financial markets trading and portfolio management. Founded with the mission of empowering retail traders, ITPM is dedicated to guiding and nurturing individuals toward sustainable, long-term success in trading. Through comprehensive programs like the Professional Trading Masterclass, alongside the Study Hall and Society Discord Channels, ITPM equips traders with the skills needed to effectively apply theoretical knowledge in real-world trading scenarios.

Anton Kreil

Trading Educationthat emulates asystematic processundertaken byprofessional traders

What does the process look like for a student undertaking their education with ITPM?

ITPM is a sophisticated trading educator, with an ultimate end goal of improving your understanding of financial markets and how to trade like a professional. There is quite a process for a student to undertake the full education and opportunties within the platform. Here are the steps that can be taken within ITPM.


Step 1:

Anton Kreil
Anton Kreil

Step 2:

Step 3:

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Students completing an education with The Institute of Trading and Portfolio Managment (ITPM) progress along a similar pathway. This image describes the manner in which students progress along with the education at ITPM

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