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ITPM Society

ITPM Society
ITPM Society
ITPM Discord

ITPM best studentsin a collaborative community

What is the Society@ITPM 
Discord Channel?

The purpose of the Society@ITPM discord channel is to provide support to mentored alumni after they have graduated from their online programs. It is designed to organise the best students of ITPM into one collective with access to mentors at anytime.

The Society@ITPM Discord forum provides a space where students can:​

  • Ask questions to ITPM Mentors

  • Ask questions to the wider community

  • Share resources, ideas, data, analysis

  • Interact on current financial markets and events.

ITPM Society

Why is Society@ITPM 
a valuable resource?

What is included in the Society@ITPM?

Alin Pulin explains how students are able to use StudyHall@ITPM

 a collaborative community of like minded individuals sharing ideas, structures, catalysts and projections on financial markets. There is no other community quite like it available to retail traders and thus its value as a resource to ITPM students is unmatched.

Society@ITPM is the best of the best retail traders that have done the education at ITPM. Each student has done a mentoring program and is considered to be in the top tier of implementation within their trading education. This means it incorporates the best of the best students that ITPM has to offer collaborating in one forum.

Why was Society@ITPM 

The Society@ITPM discord channel is seen to be the gold standard as an online trading community. Unlike other forums and chat rooms available on the internet, the Society@ITPM discord server collaborates the best students from ITPM that have completed a mentoring program. The students here have done the necessary work to be at the top tier of the education and rightly so rewarded by Anton Kreil and ITPM with the creating of this channel.

ITPM Students

What is the additional content
I will get with Society@ITPM?

ITPM Society

What channels are on StudyHall@ITPM

ITPM Webinars

Alumni Webinar Archive

The Alumni Webinar Archive is an amazing set of videos that have been recorded from previous presentations from ITPM. The archive back dates to 2020 and has presentations from the ITPM mentors including:

  • Anton Kreil

  • Edward Shek

  • Anthony Iser

  • ​Raj Malhotra

There is are 46 hours worth of footage in the archive across a total of 30 videos. See a more in-depth view of the videos year by year from the button below.

Anton Kreil





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